I know its been awhile since I last updated this site, there was some thought on doing a second album. This may still happen in the future, but time is the enemy at the moment I’m afraid to say. I’d love to do it again though given the chance!

But as promised this site will not be going anywhere, you will always be able to download the original album. Its amazing to see this website has amassed over 450,000 hits! I just had a look at the download stats, the album has been downloaded in mp3 form over 8000 times. Quite staggering really.

Thank you to all of you who have donated over the years, and thanks for all the lovely emails. Sorry If I have not replied, not for want of trying, again just a time issue.

But do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, it was great to hear from folks when one of the artists (Town Criers) recently supported Jimi Goodwin at a gig in Chester.

There has been the odd occasion when the album has been spotted on CD for sale on ebay, these are unofficial copies not authorized by me or anyone else. The Teenage Cancer Trust certainly did not see a penny! I have been approached about putting the album on CD by a couple labels, to be honest I’m not sure how much interest there would be, never mind the legal minefield that would bring. Never say never. Maybe I could do some ‘official’ limited numbered CD-Rs for charity, if there was any interest in that?

Anyhow much love and respect to anyone that showed an interest in the project by either taking part or you just enjoyed giving it a listen. Its been a pleasure, who knows what the future brings!


Part Two?

It is hard to believe Echoes in the Alleyway is almost a year old! We will be marking the one year anniversary, more on that very soon!

There is talk of maybe doing another project for a 2013 release! but could do with some other peoples thoughts.

The timing of the project last year couldn’t have been better with the Doves best of out, it coincided with Doves ‘last gig for awhile’ among other things. I borrowed the idea (after it was suggested to me) from another artist website, who does this every year! Not sure how he does it, the work that goes into it is mega. You have no idea how much I appreciated the help I got from those of you who contributed to the project.

Should we do it again? If so what could be better..

what could be done different?
What didn’t you like?
Was 2CDs worth of tracks too much?

The project will be very different than the original Echoes release, but with the same objective of raising even more money for charity.

What are your thoughts? Got any suggestions? We want to hear from you, even if its just to say don’t do it again or to show your support! There is a thread on the official doves forum here. If you are not a member  then you can comment on this post or email me at nicky@dovesmusicblog.com

Thank You!

Just a note to say thank you to those who have donated recently. The downloads will always be available from this site.

There are tentative plans to maybe do another project next year. It would be different, though it will again be for the Teenage Cancer Trust. More on that in 2012!

Target Smashed

Good news! this week we smashed our 1k target. The total now sits at £1,473.72

That does not mean we will stop trying to raise money. The Teenage Cancer Trust will continue to accept donations through til January 1st 2012. We have a few ideas to keep up interest in the project. More on that soon!

Thank you!

Last.fm & Radio Adelaide

Echoes in the Alleyway is now live on last.fm. Currently the album is being credited to Substance only, we are looking at getting this changed to various artists. Again thanks to Paul for the work he has put into making this happen!

Echoes in the Alleyway at last.fm

We also got a great plug on Radio Adelaide thanks to Matt aka A Clearing. As well as performing his own tracks live, Matt plugged the Echoes project. The radio show aired three tracks from the album The Honored Guests M62 Song, Alambradas Melody Calls and The Jetsprays take on Brazil.

To hear the full broadcast, visit the A Clearing website. Download ‘local noise (full broadcast audio)’.

A Clearing

Thanks allot Matt!

MonoStereo Podcast

MonoStereo ep3 by MonoStereo Podcast

MonoStereo is podcast series put together by  Echoes in the Alleyway featured artist Dementio13. The latest podcast features music from some of the artists who contributed to Echoes in the Alleyway. Check it out for some cracking originals.

Well worth a listen. Thanks Paul!

Album Stats

So far we have received £750 in donations at the Teenage Cancer Trust website. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  We will continue to push the album until we have reached the second target of £1000. Also a big thank you to all of you who have helped promote the album at your various websites, blogs etc.

Another BIG thank you to all the artists for your efforts in putting together the music.

Just to answer a couple questions. The Teenage Cancer Trust will continue to accept donations until January 1st 2012.  I wont be taking the website down. We may do something again in 2012 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

A few stats for you.. the website has received just over 21,000 hits from release day October 18th. The album in MP3 form has been downloaded 3813 times.

Over at Soundcloud, we have had 2017 plays with 1012 wav downloads.

Thank You!

Album Press

Album is featured in today’s Guardian:

Click to Download: From Daytrotter to Doves

It’s always nice when something actually comes of an idea fuelled by drunken optimism in a late-night bar. That was the genesis of a new tribute album to brooding Mancuncian rockers Doves, released online this week. Some fans of the band had the idea following a Doves show in April, and soon found that other Doves lovers from around the world wanted to take part. The result is the very listenable 25-track album Echoes in the Alleyway. Given that it has been made by fans, it’s not surprising that several of the songs sound like the work of Doves tribute acts (albeit very proficient ones). As ever with covers, though, the best are those that bring something different to the track, particularly a newly twanging M62 Song by North Carolina’s Honored Guests and a gorgeous piano/female vocals take on Melody Calls by 18-year-old Brazilian Alambradas. Download the album from echoesinthealleyway.com in return for a voluntary donation to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Chris Salmon

Album is still available to download, we are accepting donations until January 1st 2012. Thanks to those of you who have donated already!



Download Album Now!

Echoes in the Alleyway: a Tribute to Doves is now available for download. All downloads are free, however we do ask that you please consider a donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust. We hope to raise minimum £1,000 for the charity.

Every penny raised goes direct to the Teenage Cancer Trust. There is also an option to tick gift aid, please tick this as for every pound you donate the Teenage Cancer Trust will recieve an extra 25p from the inland revenue.

“…echoes in the alleyway, footsteps in the hall, and this house is full of mirrors…”

When asked by Haçienda co-owner and ex-Joy Division manager, Rob Gretton, what they wanted to be, Jimi Goodwin, speaking on behalf of his band, simply replied “musicians”.

Five EPs, four studio albums and three compilations later, his prediction rings true.

Doves’ reputation for honing epic, multi-layered compositions has won them legions of fans around the world. Here, a handful of those fans mirror Doves by following in their footsteps.

Echoes in the Alleyway: a Tribute to Doves is a compilation of selected tracks, performed and recorded by fans. It is their record of appreciation for some gifted, but unsung musicians.

Here’s to the next broadcast…

Download: Echoes in the Alleyway: a Tribute to Doves

Release Day Tomorrow

Check back first thing tomorrow, you will be able to download or stream Echoes In The Alleyway: A Tribute To Doves. Album is free but we are asking you please consider a donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Edit: The album teaser Modeon’s Ambition is no longer available for download. Full album will be available in a few hours.

The fundraising target has been raised to £1,000. Thanks to everybody who has supported the project. Hope you enjoy the results!